Restarting my blog

I must admit that writing a blog hasn’t been an activity I would dedicate enough time (ok, when I say “enough”, I mean “any”). It’s not that I wouldn’t be able to find any ideas for an interesting content, I just felt that there are so many great blogs out there, it wouldn’t add much value, if I (re)start a new one.

Well, after a careful consideration, I will give it a shot and see, if I get any readers and eventually followers…

I am passionate about technology and how it can improve human lives, so “surprisingly” I will write a lot about Azure, automation, DevOps, and other topics from this domain.

However, my professional life is only one part of my identity, so I will occasionally blog about my other passions: sports and nature. Combine it with soundtrack and epic music mania and you will get a better picture what kind of content you will find here.

I hope to see you around….